Individuals are inducted to the Halls of Fame in recognition of their significant contribution to the profession in the following regions of ICMA: Australia; Hong Kong; Cambodia; China; Cyprus; India, Indonesia; Iran; Lebanon; Malaysia; PNG; Philippines; Sri Lanka, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam. Those nominated for the Award need not be ICMA members, but they must be nominated by a financial member of ICMA.

Call for Nominations

The Accounting Hall of Fame® is a general award open to all accountants, CFOs etc., Financial and Managerial. There will be an academic and practitioner award in this category.
The Management Accounting Hall of Fame ® is an award open only to managerial accountants, CFOs, Strategy Analysts etc. (i.e. those NOT DOING compliance work). There will be an academic and practitioner award in this category.
There will be 4 Hall of Fame Awards in each Region.


Selection Committee comprises of the founder members of ICMA:

Mr Willian Dix, AO; Former Chairman of Ford Australia and Qantas

Professor John Miller, AO; Former President of the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA)

Emeritus Fellow, Dr. Leon Duval, Founder President of ICMA

Professor Janek Ratnatunga; Former Chair of Business Accounting, Monash University; and CEO of ICMA


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